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Eco-Sensa Qualitative Water Testing Kit for Well Water, 10/case, Cat #89-8011

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Eco-Sensa Qualitative Water Testing Kit for Well Water, 10/case, Cat #89-8011

The Eco-Sensa Water Testing Kit for Well Water 89-9011 is a complete testing kit to qualitatively detect the existence of coliform bacteria and E. coli, by detecting an enzyme produced by each.


This KIT is for testing the well water which does not have the chlorine. For testing the city water with chlorine, choose our KIT with the Sodium Thiosulfate


Each KIT includes:

  • One 100ML Water Sampling Bottle, PolyStyrene, Screw Cap, Tamper Seal, Sterile
  • One Capsule of Testing Reagent


Testing Procedure:

  1. Remove the tamper seal of the 100ml sampling bottle
  2. Slowly pour sample water into the bottle, reaching the 100ml fill line
  3. Seal the leak proof cap
  4. Vigorously shake the water bottle for 20 times
  5. Slowly pour one capsule of the testing reagent into the bottle
  6. Seal the leak proof cap
  7. Incubate in the room temperature for 24 hours


After 24 hours incubation period, the sample water mixed with the included testing reagent will turn to:

  • the color of Yellow, if there is an existence of the Coliform bateria, because of the interaction of the testing reagent with the Ortho-nitrophenyl-β-D-galactopyranoside enzme secreted by the Coliform bateria; 
  • the color of Yellow and Fluorescence under the UV light, if there is an existence of the E-Coli bateria, because of the interaction of the testing reagent with the β-glucuronidase and 4 - methyl-umbelliferyl-β-glucuronide secreted by the E-Coli bateria.
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